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Knights of AKSARBEN


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Knights of AKSARBEN

The Knights of AKSARBEN has three levels of membership: Board of Governors, His Majesty's Council and the AKSARBEN Floor Committee. Membership to these bodies is by invitation only. However, anyone who supports the Mission and Core Initiatives of AKSARBEN is invited to become a member of AKSARBEN Friends.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors consists of CEOs, presidents and others in high-ranking positions within large employers or organizations with a significant impact on the region. AKSARBEN Foundation currently has 23 Governors:
Mr.Mickey Anderson
Baxter Auto Group
Mr. Sid Dinsdale
Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc.
Ms. Jane E. Miller
Dr. Hank M. Bounds, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska
Mr. Nathan P. Dodge III
NP Dodge Management Co.
Mr. Tyler R. Owen
Owen Industries
Mr. Dana C. Bradford
Waitt Brands
Mr. Kirk L. Kellner
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Mr. David R. Parker
Sheppard's Business Interiors
Mr. Scott L. Cassels
Kiewit Corporation
Mr. Terry J. Kroeger
Omaha World Herald/BH Media Group
Mr. Robert A. Reed, Jr.
Physicians Mutual
Mr. John H. Conley
Conley, Inc.
Mr. C.L. Landen III
Security National Bank
Mr. W. David Scott
Tetrad Corporation
Mr. William A. Cutler
Heafey-Hoffmann-Dworak-Cutler Mortuaries
Mr. Clark D. Laurtizen
First National Bank
Ms. Gail Werner-Robertson
GWR Wealth Management
Mr. Robert C. Dalrymple
Bank of the West
Mr. George A. Little
HDR, Inc.
Adm. Cecil Haney
Ms. Gail L. DeBoer
SAC Federal Credit Union
Mr. Steven S. Martin
BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska

His Majesty's Council

Councillors hold a senior leadership position in a business, professional firm or government entity in the region. AKSARBEN Foundation currently has 18 Councillors:
Ms. Leslie R. Andersen
Bank of Bennington
Ms. Jamie L. Gutierrez
Midwest Maintenance Company
Mr. James M. Lauerman
Bailey Lauerman
Mr. Michael S. Cassling
Cquence Health Group
Mr. Mark A. Hesser
Pinnacle Bank Nebraska
Mr. John H. Nelson
SilverStone Group, Inc.
Mr. D. Todd Duncan
Duncan Aviation
Mr. Michael M. Hupp
Koley Jessen
Mr. Owen A. Palm
21st Century Holdings, L.L.C.
Mr. John M. Fraser
Methodist Health System
Mr. Michael B. Jacobson
NebraskaLand National Bank
Mr. Rob J. Robertson
Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation
Mr. Steven H. Grandfield
BlueCross BlueShield of Nebraska
Mr. David K. Karnes
Kutak Rock
Mr. Clay F. Smith
Speedway Motors, Inc
Mr. James R. Greisch
Mr. Chris P. Kircher
ConAgra Foods Foundation
Col. George M. Reynolds

AKSARBEN Ad Hoc Members

Ad Hoc members represent AKSARBEN Foundation’s statewide outreach and collective business leadership:
Wendy Birdsall
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
David G. Brown
Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Barry L. Kennedy
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry
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