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AKSARBEN Coronation & Scholarship Ball


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AKSARBEN Coronation & Scholarship Ball

The AKSARBEN Coronation & Scholarship Ball has a mission of promoting, recognizing and celebrating volunteerism, philanthropy and community pride. It serves as a fundraising vehicle for the AKSARBEN Scholars program and awards over 50 scholarships each year to deserving students in Nebraska and western Iowa.

The original AKSARBEN Coronation & Scholarship Ball was established in 1895 to recognize individuals in the region for their civic endeavors. Each year since then, a King and Queen have been crowned in the magical Kingdom of Quivira. Also recognized are outstanding leaders from around the Heartland. Princesses, Escorts, and Pages represent their families who are being honored for their contributions to the region. The Court of Honor Recognition Award is also distributed at the Ball. Recipients throughout the region are recognized for one of the following eight categories: agriculture, arts, business and industry, education, philanthropy, professions, public service, and sports.

For more information about the AKSARBEN FOUNDATION scholarships, please click here.

AKSARBEN Coronation Ball Committee & the Women's Ball Committee

All aspects of the event are directed by volunteers who serve on the AKSARBEN Coronation Ball Committee and the Women's Ball Committee.

Current members are:

2017 AKSARBEN Coronation & Scholarship Ball Committee

W. David Scott, Coronation Ball Committee Chairman
George A. Little, Coronation Ball Committee Advisor
Karen R. Nelsen, Women's Ball Committee Chairman
Stephanie J. Murphy, Women's Ball Committee Advisor

2017 Women's Ball Committee

Karen Nelsen, Chairman, CBC, Finance & Investment Committee
Stephanie Murphy, Advisor, CBC
Erin Owen, Princess Chairman
Kim Falk, Heartland Princess Chairman, AK Friends Board Liaison
Beth Kramer, Escort Chairman, Regale co-Chairman
Lisa Gravelle, Heartland Escort Chairman, Regale co-Chairman
Jennifer Zatechka, Court of Honor Chairman, Royal Court Luncheon Chair
Anne Jetter, Photography Chairman, Royal Court Supper Chairman, Social Chairman
Christie Oberto, Production Chairman
Judy Pritza, Royal Court Brunch Chairman, Site Chairman
Julie Liakos, Page Chairman
Kim Burkhalter, Gifts/Courtesy/Tribute Cards, Regale Assistant, Royal Court Welcome Assistant
Sheri Shonka, Scholarship Chairman, Royal Court Welcome Chairman, Regale Assistant
Beth Wilson, Standard Bearer Chairman, Page Luncheon Assistant, Page Assistant
Jen Alloway, Publicity Chairman, Royal Court Brunch Assistant, Treasurer
Jessica Covi, Files & Lists, Reservations Chairman, Historian, Social Media
Samantha Wahl, Page Luncheon Chairman, Production Assistant-Scenario, Yearbook Chairman
Sarah McGowan, Community Support Chairman, Program Chairman, Royal Court Supper Assistant
Sheila Nelson, Invitations Chairman, Production Assistant-Inventory, WBC Concierge
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