Aksarben Ag Leaders Scholarship Agreement

As a recipient of an Aksarben Ag Leaders Scholarship from the Aksarben Foundation, I hereby represent and agree to the rules set forth below relating to the receipt of the scholarship.

  1. The scholarship may be used for tuition, student and course fees, books, room and /or board (institution housing only). Scholarship checks will be payable directly to the school. Scholarship money will NOT be paid directly to the recipient.
  2. The scholarship money will be distributed in (2) payments to a two-year school, the payment will be $1,000 per year. Four (4) payments will be distributed to a four-year school, the payment will be $500 per year.
  3. The scholarship is NOT renewable and cannot be transferred to another individual.
  4. If I am disqualified or an animal of mine is disqualified during the current or future year/years for any reason at the Aksarben Stock Show, I will not be eligible for a scholarship. Any previous (not used), current or future scholarships that were or may be awarded will be forfeited.
  5. If I decide to transfer schools at mid-term or conclusion of a year, I must notify the Aksarben Foundation prior to the transfer and as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to transfer scholarship money from one school to the other if necessary.
  6. Submit by May 1 the name and address of the post-secondary institution I will be attending to the Aksarben Foundation and the student ID if available. At this time any other information changes should be reported to the Aksarben Foundation
  7. I attest to the fact that I am a United States citizen.
  8. I understand that, if for any reason, the representations I have made herein to the Aksarben Foundation are not correct or met, my rights to any remaining scholarship funds may be terminated by the decision of the Aksarben Foundation.